Requesting a Grant from the Foundation

Each year the GLYC Sailing Foundation makes grants to further amateur sailing, maritime education and competition. If you have a need for our support, and your needs are consistent with our mission you may be eligible to receive a grant from the GLYC Sailing Foundation.


Every grant is evaluated by the foundation leadership. Grants requests are reviewed as they are submitted and all decisions related to the request are made at the sole discretion of the GLYC Sailing Foundation board of directors. Grants may be issued throughout the year, but we encourage you to apply before June 1 to maximize your chances of receiving funds that year. Be sure to specify any deadlines for your request.


The grant application process has two phases.

  • Phase 1 - Review: Complete the form below and submit it to the GLYC Sailing Foundation. An officer of the foundation will review your request and ensure it meets the minimum requirements below and that the foundation is in a position to consider the request. You will receive a response from the foundation asking you to complete the detailed Phase 2 application or informing you that the foundation cannot consider your request this year and why.
  • Phase 2 - Detailed Application: If your request meets the minimum requirements and the foundation can consider it you will be asked to complete or provide more detailed information. This may include essays, letters of recommendation, references, brochures, planning documents, etc. Every request is different, so the set of information the foundation needs to make a final decision on your request will vary for each applicant. You will be given a specific list of materials when your Phase 1 approval is sent to you.

During Phase 1 review your application will be reviewed and the following requirements considered.

  • Your request must be consistent with the mission of the foundation.
  • The foundation must be able to validate the legitimacy of the fund use. This means the organization requesting the funds must be legitimate and respectable. Individuals requesting funds must specify their use so that the legitimacy of the organizations or companies who will receive the funds can be validated. Be sure to specify the names of organizations along with Web links or phone numbers in your initial application.
  • The foundation can assume no liability as a result of the grant use.
  • The foundation has or expects to have sufficient funds in the time required to fund the grant.
  • The request does not conflict with or cause a conflict of interest with prior grants.
  • Upon completion of the use of grant funds by the recipient, the foundation can verify the proper use of the funds as specified in your application.
  • The foundation has the right to publicize your grant reward and its use after award.