About Us

The Mission of the Grand Lake Yacht Club Sailing Foundation Is to promote local, national and international amateur sailing, maritime education and competition. The Foundation supports these activities through outreach programs, training activities, provision of sailing equipment and facilities, and encouragement of participation in local, national and international nautical activities. The Foundation wishes to encourage an interest in sailing education and competition, and maritime arts and sciences among the people in Colorado.


The GLYC Sailing Foundation leadership consists of a three person board of directors.


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The Foundation supports the opportunity for all youngsters in the community to participate in sailing activities, to experience sailing, to develop their skills and confidence, and to participate in competitive sailing events. Also, the Foundation plans to foster and develop a sailing program for the handicapped or disabled.


Naturally a nonprofit program of this scope needs contributions and would welcome yours. If you have a boat (of any kind in seaworthy condition) or trailer, consider donating it to the GLYCSF and receiving a tax donation. Or simply contribute money or transfer some appreciated stock. Contributions to the Grand Lake Yacht Club Sailing Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation, are tax-deductible.